Real Name:
Tommi Aatos Haavisto
Progressive electronic music, alike Tangerine Dream of the 80s, some resemblance to Klaus Schulze, maybe a bit like Mortis (Smell of Rain), and - to small extent - approaching the style of JM Jarre.

It was in 1986, I bought Casio's CZ5000 as it was multitimbral, programmed it day in day out, and 'tortured' it until it spoke. The outcome was a weird speech synthesis produced simply by arranging the wovel and short noise sounds in a row on its sequencer. It sounded like a vocoder eventhough no vocoder was needed. Just my CZ5000."

The next synth was Kawai's K5 which applies additive synthesis. As a student I used to call it "a poor man's Synclavier" since I could create quite a diverse range of great sounds. I also used E-mu SP12 and Roland's TR-626 for drum tracks, Korg's DW8000 for more analog feel as well as some effect units, but basically the shortage of gear forced me to delve into the capabilities of additive and phase distortion synthesis.

It wasn't until 2005 when I decided to move on to using software synths and computer based production. The soft synth world has exploded. Particularly for this reason, I still find it important that I learn to tweak my few softsynths and create my own world of sounds. Even the virtual synths have each a sound of their own.Therefore I believe an artist can become distinguished and stand out by focusing on just few synths and their capabilities rather than going after all novel gear that keeps flooding to the markets.

Didymos started making music in 1986. Prior to that he took piano lessons for 7 years and studied the theory of music. The name Didymos is Greek and stands for "twin" or "binary". The hebrew equal Thoma is the origin of such names as Tommy or Tommi.


Didymos Discography Tracks


ELCO-1 Didymos Connected(CD, Album) Elodraama ELCO-1 Finland 2004 Sell This Version
ELGR-2 Didymos Grief Distance(CD, Album) Elodraama ELGR-2 Finland 2006 Sell This Version