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Ensemble for contemporary music founded in 1980 and situated in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) since 1985. It's founding members were originally students of the German Youth Philharmonic Orchestra who wanted to create an ensemble with a grass-roots organization devoted to promoting and accurately performing New Music.

The EM is famous for its special working and organizational form which is unlike any other in the world. All the members are responsible for jointly selecting and dealing with artistic directors, projects, guest musicians, co-productions, and financial matters. Each associate incorporates his/her own personal experience and preferences into the planning, the result of which is a unique and distinctive program, ranging from music theater, dance and video projects to chamber music, ensemble and orchestral concerts.
Members:Aaron Baird, Adele Bitter, Albrecht Holder, Alexander Von Puttkamer, Andreas Böttger, Andrew Digby, Annette Stoodt, Barbara Kehrig, Boris Müller, Bruno Suys, Buggy Braune, Carl Rosman, Catherine Milliken, Charlotte Geselbracht, Christian Fausch, Christian Hommel, Christiane Albert, Christopher Brandt, Claudia Sack, Corin Long
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