Fractions (10)

Fractions is a collaborative project from Russian producers Nikki Korobeynik and Artem Frolov. Together they deliver hi-energy, genre bending productions with elements of 90s rave, acid and as they say ‘unapologetic rawness’. A sound which no doubt is a derivative from their childhood surroundings in the sparse and remote regions of the Soviet Union.
Nikki was born in the industrial city of Chelyabinsk, often referred to as the ‘Russian Detroit’ it makes for one of the most heavily polluted places in the world, where the Kystym nuclear radioactive disaster took place. Artem was born in Kemerovo, a city in the Siberian region known for its coal mines, lovingly called the ‘Coal Heart Of Russia’, its bleak with temperatures reaching to below -49c.

Both born in the early 90s, it was the time in which the USSR fell apart, and Russia became independent. It was a crucial time for all, when the doors opened for Western and European influences to enter and opportunities became a reality.

During the first years of independence it was a difficult time. They had no money, violent crime was at an all-time high, and grocery stores were empty. It was a game of survival, until when in the early 2000s both their families made the decision to move to Prague.

With little to no recourses to equipment and musical gear, they were able to study at a music school and it wasn't until later on that the guys met at University. Where they talked about their joint passion for music, and a common nostalgia for their past.

Before delving into electronic production, they were into hard core metal, and both were a part in their own bands, both playing guitar. It wasn't until they got into gaming and movies, that they draw their attention to the soundtracks from The Matrix, Blade, Mortal Kombat, Need For Speed and Max Payne.

They took it upon themselves to learn music production and were soon picked up by Fleisch Records from Berlin in 2018. The outcome of this collaboration was their ‘Control’ and ‘Scars Of Love’ EP’s. Touring started to pick up, but it was when they were asked to debut for Klubnacht at Berghain in 2019, which was only their 3rd gig of their career, things naturally took off for them. This was a show curated by The Vatican Shadow, playing alongside Phase, Fatale, Silent Servant and Barker.
2019 bought a new electro and breakbeat inspired release ‘Constellations’ on Rotterdam Electronix, and then an appearance with the opening track ‘Zero Ground’ on Dax J’s Monnom Black VA, sitting alongside some heavyweights including VTSS, Hadone and UVB. This release was a landmark achievement for the guys, and the track was a standout favourite on the release. After another year in the studio, their highly anticipated EP ‘Nite NRG’ on Monnom Black was released this June, with 4
Whilst they hold have been known to hold down a residency at Prague’s ONYX, inviting artists including Shlømo, DJ IBON and D.Dan, the guys have been busy in the studio, with forthcoming tracks on Haus22, Abstract Collective and another big one with Fleisch.



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Singles & EPs

none Fractions (10) - Control  album art Fractions (10) Control (EP) Fleisch (3) none Germany 2018 Sell This Version
RET007 Fractions (10) - Constellations album art Fractions (10) Constellations (EP) Rotterdam Electronix RET007 Netherlands 2019 Sell This Version
F//013 Fractions (10) - Scars Of Love album art Fractions (10) Scars Of Love (EP) Fleisch (3) F//013 Germany 2019 Sell This Version
MONNOM021 Fractions (10) - NITE NRG album art Fractions (10) NITE NRG (EP) Monnom Black MONNOM021 Germany 2020 Sell This Version