Meat Beat Manifesto


Industrial, Electronic, Experimental music act started by John Stephen Corrigan aka Jack Dangers and Jonny Stephens in 1987, Swindon, United Kingdom. Jack Dangers has led the group and been the only permanent member, collaborating with other members along the way. Meat Beat Manifesto worked with Consolidated and The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy to pioneer the early '90s "industrial hip-hop" sound. Meat Beat Manifesto's earlier work is widely credited with influencing trip hop, drum & bass and big beat. , Bandcamp , Facebook , X , Soundcloud , YouTube , Vimeo , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Ben Stokes, Colin James, Craig Morrison (2), John Corrigan, John Wilson, Jonny Stephens, Lynn Farmer, Marcus Adams, Mark Pistel, Mike Powell, Simon Collins (2)
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