Formed in London in 1983 by John Balance as a solo side project to Psychic TV, Coil developed into a full-scale musical group in 1984, when Balance cemented a partnership with Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson. Christopherson had been a founder of Psychic TV and member of Throbbing Gristle. For over twenty years Coil would be at the forefront of European experimentalism and electronic music.
John Balance (1962–2004) died tragically in an accident at his home on November 13th, 2004.
Peter Christopherson decided that, with the passing of John Balance, Coil would not continue.
Peter Martin Christopherson died 24 November 2010 (aged 55).
Xx1, XX 001 Coil - The Elephant Table Album (A Compilation Of Difficult Music) album art Various S Is For Sleep Various - The Elephant Table Album (A Compilation Of Difficult Music) (Album, Comp) X Tract, X Tract Xx1, XX 001 UK 1983 Sell This Version
NRC03 Coil - The Beast 666 album art Various Here To Here (Double Headed Secret) Various - The Beast 666 (Comp) Nekrophile Rekords NRC03 Austria 1983 Sell This Version
none Coil - Bethel album art Various Red Weather Various - Bethel (Comp) Hearsay And Heresy, Datenverarbeitung none UK 1983 Sell This Version
TMLP 07 Coil - Life At The Top album art Various Homage To Sewage Various - Life At The Top (Comp) Third Mind Records, Abstract Magazine TMLP 07 UK 1984 Sell This Version
GPS 035 Coil - A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse album art Various Neither His Nor Yours Various - A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse (Comp) Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 035 Europe 1985 Sell This Version
YANGKI 1 Coil - Devastate To Liberate album art Various Restless Day Various - Devastate To Liberate (Comp) Yangki YANGKI 1 UK 1985 Sell This Version
LAY 10 Coil - The Fight Is On album art Various Sicktone Various - The Fight Is On (Comp) L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords LAY 10 Belgium 1985 Sell This Version
BIZL7 Coil - If You Can't Please Yourself You Can't, Please Your Soul album art Various The Wheel Various - If You Can't Please Yourself You Can't, Please Your Soul (Comp, Album) EMI, EMI BIZL7 UK 1985 Sell This Version
DOM V 77-03 Coil - Ohrensausen album art Various His Body Was A Playground For The Nazi Elite Various - Ohrensausen (Comp) Dom DOM V 77-03 Germany 1986 Sell This Version
PEY-86 Coil - Peyrere album art Various Dream Photography Various - Peyrere(Cass, Comp, C60) Peyrere PEY-86 UK 1986 Sell This Version
none Coil - Less Than Angels album art Various Never Various - Less Than Angels(Cass, Comp) Synapse (4) none UK 1986 Sell This Version
Nr. 18 Coil - 59 To 1 - Richard III album art Various Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini) Various - 59 To 1 - Richard III(Cass, Comp) 59 To 1 Nr. 18 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
01051-88 Coil - Pressing Problems album art Various Untitled Various - Pressing Problems(Cass, Comp, Unofficial) Pressing Problems 01051-88 Germany 1988 Sell This Version
none Coil - River Of No Return album art Various Dream Photography Various - River Of No Return(Cass, Comp) United Piss Artists none Europe 1988 Sell This Version
SUB 33004-7 Coil - Myths 4 • Sinople Twilight In Çatal Hüyük album art Various Another Brown World Various - Myths 4 • Sinople Twilight In Çatal Hüyük (Comp) Sub Rosa SUB 33004-7 Belgium 1989 Sell This Version
PATH 1C Coil - Pathological Compilation album art Various Contains A Disclaimer Various - Pathological Compilation (Comp) Pathological Records PATH 1C UK 1989 Sell This Version
CD STUMM 69 Coil - Easy Listening For Iron Youth: The Best Of NON album art NON Predator/Prey NON - Easy Listening For Iron Youth: The Best Of NON (Comp) Mute CD STUMM 69 UK 1989 Sell This Version
none Various Windowpane Various - Efa Compilation November 1990(Cass, Comp) EFA none Germany 1990 Sell This Version
TOTAL 1 CD Coil - Total - Volume One album art Various The Anal Staircase (Relentless Mix) Various - Total - Volume One (Comp) Parade Amoureuse TOTAL 1 CD UK 1991 Sell This Version
MC-99 202 Coil - Order To The Galaxy Vol. 1 album art Various The Snow (Driftmix) Various - Order To The Galaxy Vol. 1 (Comp) Torso Dance MC-99 202 Netherlands 1991 Sell This Version
SX012 CD, SX012CD Coil - The Portable Altamont album art Various Wrong Eye and 2 more… Various - The Portable Altamont (Comp) Shock, Shock SX012 CD, SX012CD UK 1991 Sell This Version
none Coil - The Death Posture album art Various Ravenous Various - The Death Posture(Cass, Comp, P/Unofficial) Not On Label (Marco Rotula Self-released) none Italy 1991 Sell This Version
SP-018 Coil - ...Maid! How Slow Can You Go? album art Various Windowpane (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt) Various - ...Maid! How Slow Can You Go?(2x12", Comp, Promo) Razormaid Records SP-018 US 1991 Sell This Version
none Coil - Rhythm For Bodybags (Industrial Compilation 02/92) album art Various Driftmix Various - Rhythm For Bodybags (Industrial Compilation 02/92)(Cass, Comp) EFA none Germany 1992 Sell This Version
SR50 Coil - Chaos In Expansion album art Various Baby Food Various - Chaos In Expansion (Comp) Sub Rosa SR50 Belgium 1993 Sell This Version

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December 8, 2020
Sounds like someone is salty their taste in music doesn't make them so unique anymore.


March 7, 2020
now with hindsight a highly overrated group.
too many unnecessary releases and cash grabs (already when they were still alive) and a lot of material has not aged well.
and all those rip off releases afterwards are a real nuisance as every guy who made a bleep with them releases unnecessary and bad stuff


March 6, 2020
pretty much one of the greatest things that have ever existed.


August 30, 2019
Overwhelming and unique. Coil takes you to the dark corners of your mind, places you would not dare to go alone, and to places you even didn't know they existed.


May 19, 2019
One of the most heavily exploited projects, from labels and bootlegers ever, post mortem..Some may argue on this because, well, music mostly lost due to their untimely demise is presented and sees the light, which is a good thing, but on the other hand, who profits from all this?
Surely not Coil themselves..And then again, would they really agree to all this music of theirs published like this after the bitter end..?
I guess we will never know..For arguments sake, if all those people out there that have access to Coil's archives were honest on what they were doing, and really cared about the music of the project seeing the light, they would release everything in a Bandcamp page, for free, out of respect, to the is a matter of self-respect as well.
And there is no sadder truth than that, sorry.


August 22, 2018
experimentation and genre re-defining but also very skilled producers as well which is overlooked (e.g. Nasa Arab 2). no one has even come close to what theyve done (and its unlikely anyone ever will).


March 3, 2017
edited over 4 years ago
Using the least, deconstructing the most, and conveying ALL.

Coil forever!


October 22, 2016
Among Britain's best ever sound explorers. Fact. Genres? Only one = Coil.


August 29, 2016
Be it industrial, ambient, ritual, drone, electronic, experimental: the whole post-industrial scene is but a series of footnotes to COIL.


February 21, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
Usually there are situations when I think "This artist should be cool enough to be in my favorites" and after thorough listening of his discography I realize that there were only a couple of good songs that made me want to check the artist. Suddenly Coil became very rare exception from this rule. Knowing their past and knowing some of the old PTV songs I thought there would be the same industrial, strange sound constructions, noizes, and psychedelic voices. But I was totally wrong and they are much better than I expected.

The first song I heard recently was Tainted Love, which was included as a classic track into one of the episodes of Radio Dogma, the podcast hosted by The Black Dog. Something in it hooked me, it was the dark mood and the perfect combination of voice and sound. For now I checked the main albums and I can say that these guys were absolutely good composers. The first two discs could be named "industrial" in some way but there's plenty of amazing dark ambient and more experimental stuff later, the music and the usage of voices became better and better. I also like how the used unusual instruments like didgeridoo. And the best thing was that these guys were always trying to create something new, they were full of ideas. Really enjoyed "Musick To Play In The Dark", we hear the perfect example of voice utilization in "Are You Shivering?", then we fly into something that reminded me of old Tangerine Dream, then something new again, you name it. Highly recommended to all electronic music fans.

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