Andrew Sega

Real Name:Andrew Gregory Sega

Andrew Sega (born 20 May 1975), also known by the pseudonym "Necros", is a musician best known for tracking modules in the demo scene in the 1990s.

Later in his career, he started making music for games, beginning with little known titles such as "In Pursuit of Greed", "Iron Seed" and "Xixit", then moving on to Origin Systems' "Crusader" series. Andrew Sega was a founding member of the video game music production company Straylight Productions, contributing tracks to the first-person shooters "Unreal" and "Unreal Tournament". After that, he joined Digital Anvil (now a part of Microsoft Game Studios) and worked as a programmer and musician on "Freelancer".

Currently he runs own recording label called Diffusion Records and also releases music under the moniker "The Alpha Conspiracy". In 2001 he became member of Synthpop group "Iris".

Aliases:Necros, The Alpha Conspiracy
In Groups:Hallowed Hearts, Iris (2), Straylight Productions, Stromkern, The Mighty Chouffe
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