Woody Herman And His First Herd 1944

American jazz ensemble in the late swing and early bebop era existing between midsummer 1944 and December 1946.
This band was later better known as 'Woody Herman & The First Herd'.
After the recording ban ended the Swing era in late 1944, and after he was driven to change his band due to the war years, Woody Herman finally created an ensemble, which was oriented towards the arising Bebop style. As a result, around August 1944, the soloists of Woody Herman And His Orchestra got called Woody Herman's (first) herd. This ensemble quickly was heaped praise by contemporary critics and went to be one of the most famous and successful big bands in the post war era. This was not only caused by artist replacements, but also with a strict change of arrangements.
The most noticeable element of this stage of the band was a five-person trumpet ensemble, called "The Trumpet Section". The name itself is based on the name, George T. Simon used for the Herman orchestra in the early 1940's.
On the maximum of success, Woody Herman dissolved the band in December 1946 due to personal and financial reasons.


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