Billy Lee Riley And The Little Green Men


"The Little Green Men" were the backing band for rockabilly singer, Billy Lee Riley.
The band also served as the "house band" for Sun Records, performing the back up for many of the label's releases in the 1950's.

Members were:
Billy Lee Riley - Vocals, Harmonica
Roland Janes - Guitar
Jimmy Van Eaton - Drums
Marvin Pepper - Bass
Jimmy Wilson (2) - Piano
Jerry Lee Lewis - Piano
They were later joined by Martin Willis on Saxophone.

Jerry Lee Lewis's tenure, in the band, was short-lived. upon the success of his first single he exited the band and began his solo career. , Wikipedia ,
Aliases:The Rockin' Stockin
Members:Billy Lee Riley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Van Eaton, Jimmy Wilson (2), Martin Willis, Marvin Pepper, Richard Janes, Roland Janes


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