Angel Moraes

Real Name:Angel Morales

Brooklyn-born DJ, producer and remixer, Angel Moraes started his career in the 90's along with his own label "Hot 'N' Spycy." He earned worldwide recognition for his releases, "I Like It (I Like How You're Lov'in Me),""The Cure" and "Welcome To The Factory," as well as remixes for Funky Green Dogs, Pet Shop Boys, Jaydee and Fire Island to name just a few.

Angel is also an original founder of Stereo Club in Montreal.

His break came in 1987 after a couple of years as a mobile DJ when he was DJ'ing at a party and Victor Simonelli started chatting. Victor invited him to the studio to assist in his remix of Ebony Soul's "Can't Hardly Wait." Moraes took a copy to Johnny Vicious and the 2 DJ's clicked. Vicious introduced him to Jeffrey Rodman and the two decided to set up a label together.

Born: August 7, 1965
Died: February 27, 2021

Sites:Facebook , MySpace , Soundcloud , X
In Groups:Just Us, Transatlantic
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