Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan already became famous in the early 90's as creators of the "Turn Up The Bass"-mixes. After meeting Jan Voermans they made a lot of successful records (under various names) on the Blue Records label (which they founded for Mid-Town Records). During this period, they created a number of tracks that are still considered important in the development of the Donk style in northern England.
In 1999 they left the Mid-Town Company and founded their own company, Digidance.
After a partnership of ten years the DJ/producers of Klubbheads decided to split up in Spring 2005.
Klubbheads goes on but as from now they will consist of Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan. They're leaving Digidance and start their own new production-company called Unit 54. Jan Voermans moves on as a solo DJ and stays with Digidance.

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Aliases:2 Hi, Blue (6), Chainside, Club Scene Investigators, Cut The Cake, Da Klubb Kings, Da Techno Bohemian, Delano & Crockett, DJ Disco, Drunkenmunky, Dutch Maffia, Frantic Explosion, Freak Bitch, Greenfield, Hardliners, Hi_Tack, Infectious!, Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy, K&A, KA-22
Members:Addy van der Zwan, Jan Voermans, Koen Groeneveld
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