Euday L. Bowman

Real Name:
Euday Louis Bowman
Euday Louis Bowman (born November 9, 1887 in Fort Worth - May 26, 1949 in New York) was an American pianist and composer of ragtime and blues who represented the style of Texas Ragtime.

He is chiefly remembered as the composer of the successful "Twelfth Street Rag", a rag from 1914 out of a series of ragtimes that Bowman wrote during or after a period in which he worked as a pianist in some of the better bordellos of Kansas City.

These tunes -- "Sixth Street Rag", "Tenth Street Rag", "Eleventh Street Rag" and "Twelfth Street Rag" -- were named after streets of "Boss" Tom Pendergast's redlight district.