Jen Rog


Jen Rog was a band from Volendam The Netherlands.
In 1971 the group formed out of members from Alles & Coffin. The first name was Progress in 1971 they changed it to Jen Rog in 1971.
First Members were Martin Veerman, Jaap Schilder, Peter Berger, Theo van Scherpenzeel. The First single was Devilish Mary/Oh the Road on Imperial. The group mostly played countryrock.

Band uit Volendam met zanger Theo van Scherpenseel (later solo als Specs Hildebrand). Ook Siem 'Polly' Schilder was enige tijd zanger. Eén single onder de naam X-Ray. ,
Aliases:X-Ray (34)
Members:Evert Veerman, Jaap Schilder (2), Martin Veerman, Mirjam Oud, Peter Bergen (6), Theo van Scherpenseel




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