Rebell Terract

Real Name:
Sergey Khaninev
Based in Moscow, Russia.
Founder of Rebell Terract dhc/breakcore project, also producing music under names like Atarix, Atari Insanbrains, Merc3, Sooperskalar Band, Fleax, Cobrattie, Serjio Hakinen, Esc#apes and more. Was one of the first who opened in 2000 a d.i.y. CD-R label called Riot Trigger Records in moscow (now is absolutely dead). There was only one release: Rebell Terract "Strategy of selfdestruction". Now it is Atarix`s second coming on music and producing stage. He is using standart desktop PC, some handmade sound devices, midi Oxy8, software, acoustic guitars, field recordings, etc.


Rebell Terract - Savier 1998-2000 album art Rebbell Terract* Savier 1998-2000 (Album) A Klass Records New Zealand 2003 Sell This Version