Galaxy Unit

Real Name:
Zdravko Minev (In Cyril. Здравко Минев)
Galaxy Unit is a Goa Trance side project by Zdravko Minev - a member of the legendary thrash legend Crash, conquering the top of the Bulgarian extreme scene in the early 90s.

Zdravko discovers a new vocation - the computers and it fundamentally alters his musical destiny. He is completely devoted to digital activities and although this is still a very exotic way to make music back in the days in Bulgaria, he encounters total empathy.

Alongside with his most successful industrial project that follows - Alien Industry, where he plays one of the guitars and adds unique electronic flavors, he is also the beginning of another emblematic for the Bulgarian club and underground scene names – R.O.B.T.F. Although, the band becoming popular later with the unique Drum ‘n’ Bass progression session style in a couple of albums and many live performances, R.O.B.T.F. actually started in the mid-1990s in Zdravko’s living room.

He was recording & mixing mad-ramping acid and goa influenced patterns, layered over an earth-pumping old-school analog beat. This “electronic amok” and the album release occasionally by a friend will become later the characteristic for the 1990s Bulgarian tech trance style that will influence other Bulgarian artists to come like Тибетски Сърца (Tibetan Hearts, etc.) and will overheat dancefloors for years.

In late 2010s Zdravko’s curiosity and eagerness to experiment further with Goa Trance returned to the source and he started producing again under the name of Galaxy Unit when spotted and hunted out by the Bulgarian thematic label Goa Galaxy. Better is yet to come as the artist is still active in 2017.
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GOAGALAXY020 Galaxy Unit - Parallel Universes album art Galaxy Unit Parallel Universes (Album) Goa Galaxy GOAGALAXY020 Bulgaria 2017 Sell This Version
GOAGALAXY027 Galaxy Unit - Quasaroid album art Galaxy Unit Quasaroid (Album) Goa Galaxy GOAGALAXY027 Bulgaria 2020 Sell This Version