Matthaios Tsahourides

Real Name:
Ματθαίος Τσαχουρίδης
Matthaios Tsahourides was born in Veria, Greece. Growing up in an environment of a splendid and fertile musical tradition, soon, already at the age of 9 he had made his mark as a perceptive performer and a sensitive interpreter. The Pontic lyra is by far the instrument, which express his deeply felt devotion and respect for the music he loves and serves.
His original temperament and his amazing dexterity in playing the traditional instruments have been widely praised, culminating to his winning the First Prize in a Pan-Hellenic Music Competition, organized by the Greek Ministry of Education at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Mousikis) in 1996.
Matthaios has shown a great interest in the string family of the musical instruments; he plays instruments such as the violin, laghouto (Greek lute), oud, the Greek bouzouki, guitar, the Persian kamancheh, the Afghan rubab, as well as the Afghan and the Uzbek ghichak. Having participated in many music concerts and recordings, Matthaios has managed to put forward a personal statement over the musical tradition he embraces and to which he has devoted his life.