Paula Abdul as reviewed by Rom1fromParis

May 6, 2005
edited over 14 years ago
There are two ways of considering Paula Abdul. Either you see her as a third-rate Madonna, a dancing Sam Fox, releasing cheesy disposable 80's pop/dance. Or you focus on the silly-but-catchy lyrics (State of Attraction : "such a mess / such a partay feeling / I must confess / I never felt like this before" - and I don't even speak of "Opposites Attract" ones !), the choreographies for Janet Jackson, the amazing remixes by Shep Pettibone ("Knocked out"), Steve Silk Hurley ("Vibeology" oh my goodness !) or Keith Cohen ("Opposites Attract"), and then you've got to acknowledge that Paula deserves more than the dread "80's dance" label ! For sure it's not Janet, and she doesn't sing like Mariah, but who cares ? Like Kylie Minogue, she's simply a real dance music figure, and I really miss her

Paula Abdul coughdropqueen

October 14, 2013
The term 'Madonna wanna be' was applied to countless dance pop performers in the 80s but when one considers exactly what makes Madonna unique, it's anything but derisive. Her fierce but vulnerable presence, distinctive style of dance, the inimitable natural timbre of her vocals and the idiosyncrasies and humor in her songs and production, are essential to her success and the best of her classic songs both speak to their time and transcend it. Though the balance of their personal strengths in these areas may differ, the same can absolutely be said of Paula Abdul.

Paula Abdul pianoman74

October 25, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
She was never meant to be a singing artist, she was a choreographer (and an excellent one, too). She rather dropped into the singer role by coincidence. Hence, she should preferably be judged from a rather neutral standpoint, just as a random person who was educated in a completely different profession than he/she is practicing at present. It's rare that said person will ever be able to compete by 100% with anyone actually educated in that profession, but it's not quite impossible, either; provided there is both some talent and some ambition as well. And I'd dare say that in both of those "disciplines", Paula Abdul *has* done a remarkably good job ever since.