Tiltwheel is an American punk rock band from San Diego, formed in 1991 by Damon Way (who would later go on to become the co-founder of DC Shoes), Bob MacPherson & Aaron Regan. Joined shortly afterwards by current frontman and guitarist Davey Quinn, Tiltwheel recorded their first demo with Damon on vocals. Following general dissatisfaction with the results and disharmony within the band, Damon was “sacked” and Davey took over vocal duties leading to the Tiltwheel sound still heard nearly two decades later.
The coming years saw many line up changes and personal tragedies including the death of bassist Jarrod Preston Adams in a car accident in 2002 which lead the band close to breaking up. With only Davey remaining a constant throughout the band’s recorded history, Tiltwheel have released a number of 7” singles and appeared on numerous compilation albums across many labels in the US and abroad.

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Members:Aaron Regan, Bob MacPherson, Chris Squire (2), Davey Quinn, Jarrod Preston Adams, Jimmy Elmore, Paul Anderson (50), Ross Hughes
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