Death/black/thrash metal pioneers from Brazil that has gained legendary status. They were active from 1985-2000.

In 2006 Gerald Minelli, Manuel Henriques and Fábio Jhasko and other guest musicians started performing some live concerts as a Sarcófago tribute band, though not claimed to be a reunited Sarcófago.



COG007 Sarcófago - I.N.R.I. album art Sarcófago I.N.R.I. (Album) Cogumelo Produções COG007 Brazil 1987 Sell This Version
FLAG 52 Sarcófago - Rotting album art Sarcófago Rotting (MiniAlbum, Album) Under One Flag FLAG 52 UK 1989 Sell This Version
TFLAG66 Sarcófago - The Laws Of Scourge album art Sarcófago The Laws Of Scourge (Album) Cogumelo Records TFLAG66 UK 1991 Sell This Version
CDCOG.067 Sarcófago - Hate album art Sarcófago Hate (Album) Cogumelo Records CDCOG.067 Brazil 1994 Sell This Version
CD COG 0.081, 108.258 Sarcófago - The Worst album art Sarcófago The Worst (Album) Cogumelo Records CD COG 0.081, 108.258 Brazil 1996 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

none Sarcófago - Christ's Death album art Sarcófago Christ's Death(Cass, S/Sided) Not On Label (Sarcófago Self-released) none Brazil 1987 Sell This Version
COG-049 Sarcófago - Crush, Kill, Destroy album art Sarcófago Crush, Kill, Destroy(12", EP) Cogumelo Records COG-049 Brazil 1992 Sell This Version
CG0047 Sarcófago - Crust album art Sarcófago Crust (EP) Cogumelo Records CG0047 Brazil 2000 Sell This Version


PCCY-00468 Sarcófago - The Laws Of Scourge / Rotting album art Sarcófago The Laws Of Scourge / Rotting(CD, Comp) All Fired Up! PCCY-00468 Japan 1993 Sell This Version
CD COG 076 Sarcófago - Decade Of Decay album art Sarcófago Decade Of Decay (Comp) Cogumelo Records CD COG 076 Brazil 1996 Sell This Version
CG0082 Sarcófago - The Worst/Crust album art Sarcófago The Worst/Crust (Comp) Cogumelo Records CG0082 Brazil 2007 Sell This Version
DIGICD CG-0008 Sarcófago - Die Hard album art Sarcófago Die Hard (Comp) Cogumelo Records, Voice Music (2) DIGICD CG-0008 Brazil 2015 Sell This Version


none Sarcófago Peru 1993 (DVDr) Unearthly Magazine none Peru 2005 Sell This Version
none Sarcofago* Blasphemies - Live In Buenos Aires 1996(DVDr, S/Edition, NTSC) Warfare Noise Discos none Brazil 2006 Sell This Version
none Sarcófago The Best Videos Ever(DVDr, Comp, Num, Multichannel, NTSC, Men) Warfare Noise Productions none Peru 2008 Sell This Version


none Sarcófago - The Black Vomit album art Sarcófago The Black Vomit(Cass, S/Sided) Not On Label (Sarcófago Self-released) none Brazil 1986 Sell This Version
none Sarcófago - Satanic Lust album art Sarcófago Satanic Lust(Cass) Not On Label (Sarcófago Self-released) none Brazil 1987 Sell This Version
none Sarcófago - Rehearsals 89 album art Sarcófago Rehearsals 89(Cass, S/Sided) Not On Label (Sarcófago Self-released) none Brazil 1989 Sell This Version


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February 22, 2015
edited over 7 years ago
That was the year of incubation.
There was a palpable solidarity for spectators and athletes of the world wide sport of this beautiful feral culture.
Handwritten letters addressed to other strangers in every continent on this Demonic Earth, avid seekers sought scrappy taped-over cassette tape demos with J-cards that had been photocopied out of legibility, anxiously extricating from the morphing mass to see and hear what would develop in this superhuman-sounding underground that was flourishing like a virulent bacteria mold in an obscured corner behind an ammonia-soaked urinal.
As Crust Punk began to scab over, the forward-thinkers in that sector began to mutate into a crossover hybrid dubbed the early days all Grind was either Noise-Grind or plodding hopeless anarcho-grime like was recorded at a much louder volume and the drums often sounded amplified (much better than the latterday "pro"-engineering we hav in today's emasculated sonics).
VENOM had begun stomping and "To Mega Therion" was just released, but above-ground Heavy Metal was not cool or good at this time...I think of Kip Winger in the "Only 17" music video, far more concerned with lascivious pirouettes than with manipulation of bass guitar.
Sarcofago exhaled paint-peelingly alcoholic fumes of vitality into the bloated weezing Jabba-the-Hut that Heavy Metal had devolved to and inaugurated the now-standard Cemetery Photo Session inhalations.
This music and culture was so very excellent, and so resistant to extra-metallic invasion, it took TWENTY YEARS FOR THEM TO RUIN IT! (Even the Sturdiest subcultures are overtaken by the mainstream in 5 years).
The beginning of the end was in 1994 when Phil Anselmo wore a "Transylvanian Hunger" T-shirt on the cover of whatever-dickhead-monthly. That was the first crack in the mirror.
By 2005 SHORT-HAIRED record store clerks had caught on --first they made fun of it while secretly enjoying it but within a few years they were wielding their skewed opinions like a diehard. Concurrently The Wire magazine was referring to SUNNO)))) as "Black Metal" and a year later WHITE ZOMBIE fans were polluting the arena with their pink was over and we were EMBARRASSED.
Not as humiliated, however, as we would be when Sasha Frere-Jones had his 'I-can't-possibly-ignore-this-thriving-subculture-anymore-despite-my-art-school-contempt-for-it' day in court as his miserably passive-aggressive write-up in the New Yorker Magazine --which had since molted out of it's intellectually Urbane Liberal skin into a limpwristed neocon-apologist mouthpiece-- in an article in which the only aspect of extreme metal he could stomach was the vomitous new age appropriations of Hurt-Hendrix or whatever the fuck his name is. It seems the usually eloquent and well-qualified Frere-Jones can only appreciate this particular Idiom when it comes shrinkwrapped in the big-budget form of San-Joaquin Frat-Metal Date-Rapist Wigga-Types like the godawful DEFTONES, whom he had no trouble celebrating in a prior feature.
That must've been 2010...that was the nail in the coffin, they had finally scraped the last vestige of cool off the corpse.
It couldn't get worse one would think.
There's an increasing trend for Skinhead bands --imagine Uncle Fester wearing Clown Make-up in the Sauna-- to denigrate the long-haired origins of this music...the knuckledragging mouthbreather European Racist contingent have taken the raw sociopathologikal hatred and inverted into a goosestepping pageantry of the lunatic-right. What began as unacceptably chaotic has become checkerboard-ordered.
I don't give a rat's ass what the fuck they do with it, I just think they should be reminded that this music COMES FROM ACID ROCK and without longhair, LSD and amplification, they would be listening to HEINO.
To this day, compromised and raped as she may be, extreme metal's heart still beats in the manic beats of DD Crazy, whose doublebass drum attack was so ridiculously high in the mix, it will forever remain the apotheosis of alcoholic immoderation in SELF-PRODUCED musical post production. No amount of pedestrian traffic can interfere with the mighty SARCOFAGO--- and I don't care if it's 9 am when you hear this band--sobriety seems pointless.

THAT'S THE JOB OF RELEVANT YOUTH CULTURE; to make normalcy seem unliveable.

Which brings me to the immoral of the story; The extreme metal underground may have been the first in which self-engineering and self-produced demos were not just the means but the end.
"Who produced this shit? It sounds totally fucked up".
Yes, it does.

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