Real Name:
Łukasz Sobczak
Soundwalker was born in 1974, Gdansk, Poland.

From early childhood he used to listen electronic music of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Marek Biliński and popular electro-pop groups of 80's. However, his sensitivity and musical style was also shaped by the vicinity of Baltic Sea coast and the close presence of beautiful Nature.

Education in 1st and 2nd degree music schools has helped him to understand classical music, which also influenced the present Soundwalker’s electronic style of composition.
Although he studied in Technical University to obtain an engineer degree finally, he has been always active on several fields of music, not only composing music himself, but also playing church organ, singing in several choirs, and finally playing keyboards in occasional music group. Parallelly, since early 90-ties, he was always composing electronic music, initially being unknown, producing music to short commercial films, as well as for children education systems or tracking music for first polyphonic mobile phones…

He was always fascinated by electronic keyboards and synthesizers, but started to realize his musical plans and compositions just after he was able to buy his first musical equipment.

His compositions started to appear on internet and local radio stations in early 2000’. His first album “Sound Test” was initially published as free digital release in 2006. In 2012 first release of “Soundwalking” album was spread over the internet as promo version, and also on CDR, accompanying to Soundwalker’s concerts. Because there was no digital release worldwide, he was still known rather only locally. After 2010, Soundwalker has performed at number of top-electronic music festivals, as well as played number of solo concerts, mainly in Poland.

Since 2014 he cooperates with Life is Music Entertainment label, organizing Soundwalker’s few outstanding concerts, as well as producing new digital releases of his music.
At present, Soundwalker is listed besides of top polish electronic music composers, along with Marek Bilinski – the top polish electronic music composer known since early 80-ties.
Soundwalker performs and produces electronic music on both digital and analog synthesizers. His music is a fresh, modern retrospection of 80's, being full of melody, sense and classic harmony.



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