Fabio Concato

Real Name:Fabio Bruno Ernani Piccaluga

Italian singer & songwriter, born in Milan, 31 May, 1953 in a family with artistic traditions. Mother poet & journalist, father author & jazz guitarist Gigi Concato (in his turn son of 2 lyric singers of the roaring years). His career starts in 1974 in the cabaret group "I Mormoranti"(The Muttering). Walter F. Gürtler in the 1977 releases on Harmony Stories Di Sempre, his 1st album which contains smash song A Dean Martin. Then 2 albums: Svendita Totale, 1978, Zio Tom by Philips, 1979, but the first real success Domenica Bestiale is in 1982, even if the most successful works are in 1984 thanks to Fiore di Maggio, Ti Ricordo Ancora, Rosalina, Guido Piano, Sexy Tango. Also Senza Avvisare in 1986 gets good sales (coming # 2 in the album chart). Many other years of career (15 lps and about ten singles in total) for a very elegant and romantic artist, also very sensitive to social issues.

In Groups:Actarus, La Banda Dei Bucanieri
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