Axel Breitung


Chairman of the Bishop Production (created in 1977), his name has become a synonym of high-quality Eurodance.
Axel was born on 21st August 1957 in Rheydt. He had high industrial education (specialized in metals and construction), but music took over in his life. His strong side was always composing. He literally lives in his recording studio. Already for his first hardrock band 2nd Hand he wrote the main songs, but real success came to him in German pop music. During his 'pre-Silent Circle' years he has composed about 150 songs, among others in 1982 for totally unknown artists by that time.
As a keyboardist and composer he created the group Silent Circle, with the vocalist Martin Tychsen AKA Jo Jo Tyson and the drummer CC Behrens, in the mid-1980s.
Also during the 1980's, he worked for Fancy, Michael Bedford, Joy Peters, and Marlene Ricci.
Meanwhile, Axel became an engineer in Bishop studios in Germany. That's how he happened to be the engineer in DJ BoBo's first album "Dance With Me". Then one day DJ BoBo himself asked him to produce his second album "There Is A Party": the result was a huge success all over the world in 1994 contributing to make of DJ BoBo one of the most successful eurodance and pop music artists in Europe, and a superstar in all the German-speaking countries. From that moment Axel and Bobo became like brothers, co-producing all his following albums. , Wikipedia
Aliases:Baltinore, Bishop Audio, Bishop Songs, Cam-E-Lot, Dance Mission (2), Egypt (3), Go East, Hard Tell, Kreml Flyers, Kurt Krösus, Lakecity, Nukhead, Osmania, Pete Keane (3), Rave-O-Matic, Real Hype, Royales, Sam Money, Singapoor Calling, Three Stars
In Groups:2nd Hand Band (2), A&R Rhythm Nation, B+B, Bomb The Beach, Brain-Ticket, Feel Real, Fix & Fertig, Free 2 Dance, Hyperactive, Jam (3), K.O. (8), King's Bishop, S.A.Y., Silent Circle, Sound Squad
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