Baboon (3)

Baboon initially live first a Punk/Hardcore singer life, during years 80/90 in particular within group StromFront, ultra violence inside (nothing to do with the fucker racist website), initially refractory with the techno he lived plunged in Free Party and Rave during year 95, his friends having finally convinced him, Krom in particular. Quickly not being able to remain a long time spectator he assembled Kbal Sound System with old of StromFront (Paulo) and two another friends (Droopy and Helius Zhamiq), they lived all together what allowed a coherence of System.During the first years, he initially mixed Drum' N bass and Hardstep then he quickly added Breakcore, Hardcore and Speedcore in his sets which generally took place in Teknival or 48Hours party. Then with the evolution of the Krew: the creation of Artskorps in 99, makes that he devoted myself then rather to the organization of our evenings, to the gestion of K.Ni.Bal Record and K.Na.Beast Record and the legal aspect of the Free/rave transition, mixing only punctually. Since 2006, he's given to mix more seriously and in particular on a going style of HardBass in Breakcore while passing by HardBreak.His influences are, in Punk/Hc: Crass, Conflict, Dead Kennedy' S, Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies, Extreme Noise Terror, In Techno HC: Liza eliaz, Drokz, Lord LLoigor, La Peste, in Break/Breakcore: Hekate, Peace Off, Widerstand, Noize Creator.
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AKHA 03 Baboon (3) - Banned From The Scene album art Baboon (3) Banned From The Scene(CDr, Ltd, Mixed) Kbal Sound System AKHA 03 France 2008 Sell This Version