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Please use Tepper-Bennett when Bennett & Tepper are listed together in songwriting credits (apart from cases of collaboration with an additional artist).

American songwriter (born June 25, 1918, Brooklyn, New York, USA and died April 24, 2015, Miami Beach, Florida, USA), best known for his collaborations with Roy C. Bennett, which spawned several hits for Elvis Presley. Between 1945 and 1970, Tepper and Bennett published over 300 songs.

Tepper's success began during World War II. While in the Army, he often sang and wrote songs as a hobby. Eventually, others recognized his talent and he made it into the Special Services Entertainment Division. 'I wrote a show and we toured it around to all the army camps', Tepper said. Sydney Mills of Mills Music was at one of those shows and liked what he heard. In 1946, after he returned from the war, he and writing partner Roy C. Bennett became staff song writers for Mills at $100 per week.

In the 1970's, Tepper suffered a heart attack, which necessitated the end of his songwriting partnership with Bennett. Tepper retired in Surfside, Florida, and lived in there until 2004, when he moved to a retirement community in the Miami area. He was honored by the town of Surfside for his works in 2008.

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