Uochi Toki


A hip-hop group from Alessandria, Italy. The group consists of Matteo "Napo" Palma, Riccardo "Rico (36)" Gamondi, and “Fele”.

They formed in 2002 when Rico and Napo (who were active in the rap duo Laze Biose) met Fele and decided to form a new group. They released their first album "Vocapatch" in 2003 consisting of 31 tracks without titles that were mainly minimal noise tracks with nonsense. Their follow-up self-titled album had a whopping 81 tracks which was mostly made up of spoken word tracks and minimal electronic pieces.

2006 saw the release of their first actual hip-hop album that fused noise music with rapping, "Laze Biose". "La Chiave Del 20" released the following year was a concept album about a night in a club that was well-received by major Italian music magazines. The post-rock band Eterea Post Bong Band played with Uochi Toki in the album. Their fifth album released in 2009, "Libro Audio", took the sound used in "Laze Biose" further. , MySpace
Members:Napo (2), Riccardo Gamondi


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