Real Name:
Andrei Davidescu
DASQ (born : 23 October 1989) on his real name Davidescu Andrei is an Electronic Music Artist and DJ from Romania, Râmnicu Vâlcea. Davidescu began music production in 2006 and one year later he started to mix as a DJ. From 2008 to present he performs into private parties and international electronic music events.
His unique style is techno, energetic, old school combined with futuristic sounds. Many of his releases and live DJ mixes appeared in Top 100 on platforms like Beatport, Mixcloud and many other digital stores. In December 2018 he established his record label Marl Music and began to release young techno producers, most of them from the underground scenes.
On february 2021, his track "Infinity" from Rewind EP (released on Marl Music) was played on BBC Radio. In August 2021, his EP "Love Distortion" was ranked number 1 in Beatport Top 100 Techno (Peak Time / Driving) and number 4 in Beatport Top 10 Releases.
As an artist, DASQ has released many albums, singles and EPs, while also working as a producer and DJ.



IND5B0723E8943 DASQ - Start Rec album art DASQ Start Rec(File, MP3, Album) Indiefy Records IND5B0723E8943 2018
IND5B0819B2E74 DASQ - Don't Ask Stupid Questions album art DASQ Don't Ask Stupid Questions(File, MP3, Album) Indiefy Records IND5B0819B2E74 2018
MM0021 DASQ - Techno Power (The Album) album art DASQ Techno Power (The Album)(8xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Marl Music MM0021 2019

Singles & EPs

PLAY08200 DASQ - Kilimanjaro album art DASQ Kilimanjaro(File, MP3, Single) Playectra Records PLAY08200 2011
MR032 DASQ - Thoughts Of You EP album art DASQ Thoughts Of You EP(File, MP3, EP) Minizone Records MR032 2014
MR038 DASQ - Zenith album art DASQ Zenith(File, MP3, Single) Minizone Records MR038 2015
MR040 DASQ - Icarus album art DASQ Icarus(File, MP3, Single) Minizone Records MR040 2015
B07JGDK52X DASQ - Gaia Ep album art DASQ Gaia Ep(File, MP3, EP) Berlin Wall Records B07JGDK52X 2018
IND5C0A6D12481 DASQ - District 11 album art DASQ, Tranescu Stefan DASQ, Tranescu Stefan - District 11(File, MP3, Single) Indiefy Records IND5C0A6D12481 2018
IND5B072C8A948 DASQ - Epical Overture EP album art DASQ Epical Overture EP(File, MP3, EP) Indiefy Records IND5B072C8A948 2018
IND5B033BDF211 DASQ - Sheikh EP album art DASQ Sheikh EP(File, MP3, EP) Indiefy Records IND5B033BDF211 2018
IND5B0317D9286 DASQ - Basilisk EP album art DASQ Basilisk EP(File, MP3, EP) Indiefy Records IND5B0317D9286 2018
IND5B0311FD288 DASQ - Akapana album art DASQ Akapana(File, MP3, Single) Indiefy Records IND5B0311FD288 2018
GAR4023 DASQ - Pianotech EP album art DASQ Pianotech EP(File, MP3, EP) Green Alien Records GAR4023 2018
BWR0013 DASQ - Railways album art DASQ Railways(File, MP3, Single) Berlin Wall BWR0013 2018
JACK038 DASQ - Karma EP album art DASQ Karma EP(File, MP3, EP) Jack-It Records JACK038 2018
JACK030 DASQ - Escobar album art DASQ Escobar(File, MP3, Single) Jack-It Records JACK030 2018
IND5B0818AAE25 DASQ - Dreamcatcher EP album art DASQ Dreamcatcher EP(File, MP3, EP) Indiefy Records IND5B0818AAE25 2018
IND5B0FCA62C16 DASQ - Beside You album art DASQ Beside You(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, Single) Indiefy Records IND5B0FCA62C16 Europe 2018
IND5BE594E5D83 DASQ - Natural World album art DASQ Natural World(File, MP3, Single) Indiefy Records IND5BE594E5D83 2018
JACK031 DASQ - White Rabbit album art DASQ White Rabbit(File, MP3, Single) Jack-It Records JACK031 2018
PCL827 DASQ - Loki album art DASQ Loki(File, MP3, Single) Ushuaia Music PCL827 2019
TR036 DASQ - Dark ultra Instinct album art DASQ, Duck Sandoval DASQ, Duck Sandoval - Dark ultra Instinct(File, MP3, Single) Trigonometryk TR036 2019
MM016 DASQ - United album art MacDark, DASQ MacDark, DASQ - United(File, MP3, Single) Marl Music MM016 2019
MM005 DASQ - Immortals EP album art DASQ Immortals EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Marl Music MM005 2019