Julien Mier

Real Name:Julien Mier

Julien Mier is a composer, instrumentalist, sound sculptor but in the first place an artist. He graduated from the School of Arts & Technology in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In his own words, he "combines found sounds with found objects to create a cascade of melodic, textural and rhythmic patterns. To use fragments which have no existence on itself, the composition is his instrument to blend pointless musical words in a meaningful way."

Mier started his journey in 2009, with a release called „Have Courage, Funny Thing”. Followed up by a 12’’ record called "The Galaxy Twitch."
August 2012 saw the release of acclaimed EP "When Will You Wake Up?”. Joined by a conceptual videoclip, filmed in Canada for the single "Watercolour Sky”.

Julien Mier enters 2013 with a release of yet another 12'' record called "Jane's Junkyard." followed up by a remix EP of When Will You Wake Up with remixes by Robot Koch among others.

Mier has released on Cascade, King Deluxe, Shipwrec, Lowriders Collective, Project Mooncircle, Schematic and Squelch & Clap.

Sites:Soundcloud , Facebook
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