Die 3 Spitzbuben


Die Spitzbuam, later known as Die 3 Spitzbuam or Die 3 Spitzbuben, were a Viennese cabaret trio.

In 1951 Toni Strobl founded the trio together with Helmut Schicketanz and Helmut Reinberger.

In 1959 they were hired by Erwin Klein, who at the same time bought the Nußberghof in Hackhoferstrasse as a permanent venue for the rascals. From 1959 to 1972 they appeared there as the 3 Spitzbuben.

Reinberger left the company at the end of 1972. Walter Hojsa was chosen as a replacement. Until March 1973 they appeared as the 3 Spitzbuben. Then the group officially split up.

Erwin Klein later founded another ensemble called "Die Neuen Spitzbuben".

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Members:Helmut Reinberger, Helmut Schicketanz, Toni Strobl, Walter Hojsa
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