Real Name:Lauri Turjansalo

Dreamtime is a spacesynth project founded by Lauri Turjansalo in 2003. He started to make music in the late 90's using tracker programs, notably Triton's legendary Fasttracker 2. In addition to original compositions he made a lot of remixes of old game and demoscene music (using a pseudonym 'cirdan'). In 2000 Lauri was introduced to mysteries of MIDI and synthesis. Gradually he started to build his own studio in order to get more professional approach to producing.
Dreamtime studio

When he heard Laserdance for the first time, it was instant love. Lauri became active on Internet and has been a regular poster on spacesynth forums since then. He is also one of the founders of Lauri has released his music for different labels since 2003.

A short list of some music that he considers influential: Global Communication, Ozric Tentacles, Shpongle, Paul Lawler (aka Arcane, Max Van Richter), Iron Maiden, Angelo Badalamenti, Jerry Goldsmith, AIR, Mark Shreeve, Chris Hülsbeck, John Carpenter, Klaus Schulze, Vince DiCola, Depeche Mode and all fine spacesynth music ranging from the 80s to unknown future. , Bandcamp , , MySpace , X , Soundcloud
Aliases:Lauri Turjansalo


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