Black Acid (6)

BLACK ACID is live dark ambient noise multilayer macro-micro post-archeology project from Nina Pixel. Digging deep into her own memories, uncovering the layers of forgotten pains, pointing light to the dark corners of emotional abysses, Nina is building her own archeological collection of her inner world as a reflection on the world outside “us”.
Nina has been exploring humans as the phenomenon, recording talks, poems, diary notes, bodies, expressions, thoughts and layering it with the “research” material collected everywhere where she goes.
BLACK ACID is the research of the Emotional Intelligence aspect as the special unique mythica power of humans - an object of her long term plannetary study.
Nina Pixel is part of the audio-visual collective Hertz | Kunst-Plattform Brno, CZ and Berlin’s division of female:pressure.
Nina performs under names Nina Pixel, Palm Reader and BLACK ACID. Those projects are interconnected and divided at the same time.



PTLVS004 Black Acid (6) - Punctum Live Split 004 album art Black Acid (6) / Vida Vojić Black Acid (6) / Vida Vojić - Punctum Live Split 004(Cass, Ltd, Num) Punctum Tapes PTLVS004 Czech Republic 2018 Sell This Version