Don Robey

Real Name:Don Deadric Robey

Songwriter, producer and record executive, born 1 November 1903 in Houston, Texas, died 16 June 1975 in Houston, Texas.

Founder and owner of several record labels such as Peacock Records (founded 1949) and Back Beat (2) Records (founded 1957). In 1952 he acquired Duke Records. He also owned the mid 60's label Sure-Shot

Do NOT confuse with Don Carter (2) for/with whom he worked. Carter was the owner of the publisher Don Music Co..
As a songwriter, Robey often used the pseudonym Deadric Malone.

Copyrighted the song "Farther Up The Road (aka "Further On Up The Road") in 1957 with Joe Veasey as co-writer.
Bill Mack copyrighted the song under his name in March 1961.
Aliases:Deadric Malone
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