Sten Öberg

Real Name:Sten-Gunnar Öberg

Swedish drummer and jazz musician, born April 20, 1938 in Umeå.

At the first edition of the Umeå Jazz Festival in 1968, Öberg played together with Bernt Egerbladh's trio and was accompanied by, among others, Dexter Gordon. Gordon was so impressed by Öberg's playing that he tried to persuade him to pursue music as a profession, something that Öberg chose not to do.

Among other internationally known musicians with whom Sten Öberg played, pianist Bill Evans and saxophonist Lars Gullin, trumpeter Anders Bergcrantz and others can also be mentioned. For many years, Öberg has also had its own Gullin group, which included, among others, Lars-Göran Ulander.

Sten Öberg is the uncle of the pianist Mats Öberg.

He is the receiver of the Lars Gullin Prize 2023.

In Groups:Arac Constellation, Berndt Egerbladh And His Quartet, Berndt Egerbladh Trio, Centrumkvartetten, Dixieland Stompers (4), Lars Lystedt Quintet, Lars Lystedt Sextet, Phil Minton Quartet, Sten Öbergs Kvartett, Sten Öbergs Kvintett




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