Atari Teenage Riot

Atari Teenage Riot

German digital hardcore group founded in Berlin in 1992 and disbanded in 2000. They reformed in 2010.

Atari Teenage Riot Discography


DHR CD 1 Atari Teenage Riot 1995 (Album) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR CD 1 UK 1995 Sell This Version
DHR JAP CD6, DHR CD 6 Atari Teenage Riot The Future Of War (Album) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR JAP CD6, DHR CD 6 Japan 1997 Sell This Version
PR 01412 Atari Teenage Riot Live In Philadelphia Dec. 1997 (Album) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) PR 01412 France 1999 Sell This Version
DHR LP 2021 Atari Teenage Riot 60 Second Wipe Out (Album) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR LP 2021 UK 1999 Sell This Version
DHR CD 28, DHR CD28 Atari Teenage Riot Live At Brixton Academy 1999 Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR), Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR CD 28, DHR CD28 UK 2000 Sell This Version
DM 222 Atari Teenage Riot Is This Hyperreal? (Album) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DM 222 US 2011 Sell This Version
BRC-316 Atari Teenage Riot Riot In Japan 2011 (Album) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) BRC-316 Japan 2011 Sell This Version
BRC-413 Atari Teenage Riot Reset (Album) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) BRC-413 Japan 2014 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

ATRX DJ 1 ATR* ATR (Maxi) Vertigo ATRX DJ 1 UK 1993 Sell This Version
ATR DJ2 ATR* Kids Are United! (Single) Vertigo, Vertigo ATR DJ2 UK 1993 Sell This Version
Riot Beats 4 Atari Teenage Riot / Alec Empire & Lucy Devils Atari Teenage Riot / Alec Empire & Lucy Devils - Raver Bashing / Together For Never Riot Beats Riot Beats 4 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
INT 125.440, 7243 4 72354 6 7, DHR 10 Atari Teenage Riot Speed / Midijunkies (Maxi) Alternation (2), Alternation (2), Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) INT 125.440, 7243 4 72354 6 7, DHR 10 UK & Europe 1995 Sell This Version
7243 4 72426 2 5 Atari Teenage Riot Kids Are United E.P. (EP) Alternation (2), Alternation (2), Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 7243 4 72426 2 5 UK & Europe 1995 Sell This Version
7 Inch Riots 001 Atari Teenage Riot Kids Are United / Start The Riot(7", Ltd) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 7 Inch Riots 001 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
GR039, DHR US 12.1 Atari Teenage Riot Not Your Business E.P. (EP) Grand Royal, Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) GR039, DHR US 12.1 Germany 1996 Sell This Version
GR031, DHR US 7.1 Atari Teenage Riot Deutschland Has Gotta Die! / Riot 1996(7", Single) Grand Royal, Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) GR031, DHR US 7.1 US 1996 Sell This Version
DHR JAP MCD 12, BRE-2 Atari Teenage Riot Sick To Death E.P. (EP) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR JAP MCD 12, BRE-2 Japan 1996 Sell This Version
8 84045 2, 7243 8 84045 2 5 Atari Teenage Riot Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture E.P. (EP) Alternation (2), Alternation (2), Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 8 84045 2, 7243 8 84045 2 5 UK & Europe 1997 Sell This Version
DAMGOOD 132 Atari Teenage Riot / Asian Dub Foundation Atari Teenage Riot / Asian Dub Foundation - Paranoid / Free Satpal Ram(7", Pic) Damaged Goods DAMGOOD 132 UK 1997 Sell This Version
DHR 24 Atari Teenage Riot Revolution Action E.P. (EP, Single) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR 24 UK 1999 Sell This Version
DHR MCD 26 Atari Teenage Riot Too Dead For Me E.P. (EP) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR MCD 26 UK 1999 Sell This Version
ED-6139 Atari Teenage Riot Atari Teenage Riot II(12", Promo) Elektra ED-6139 US 1999 Sell This Version
DHR MCD32 ATR* Featuring MC D-Stroy And Tom Morello ATR* Featuring MC D-Stroy And Tom Morello - Rage (Maxi) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR MCD32 US 2000 Sell This Version
DHR MCD27 Atari Teenage Riot Rage E.P. (EP) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR MCD27 UK 2000 Sell This Version
DM 190 Atari Teenage Riot Activate! (Single) Dim Mak Records DM 190 US 2010 Sell This Version

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August 16, 2014
who is in charge of this page?
There are many mistakes on this page.


October 8, 2012
edited over 3 years ago
When I first heard "Sick to death" on MTV amp, I couldn't believe the incredible fusion of punk and techno. I immediately bought Burn Berlin Burn. I think ATR music will become "relevant" some time. 199x was just too soon (peak of rave techno). Keep on rockin Alec.


June 21, 2012
edited over 4 years ago
usually I don't reply to hate posts like the one below but as I respect the discogs community, let me comment on these offense accusations.
Other readers can then form their own opinion.

First of all....don't use Carl Crack in this argument. You simply didn't know the guy (he'd probably punched you out for writing in this tone and laughed at you lol).
You don't like the new album - you said the same thing about 60 Second Wipeout in the forums back then. We accept that. Get over it.

"Check their twitter or facebook. nothing but hype 24/7, trying to grow their brand. Never an honest post ever."

We actually use the social networks to post ONLY honest posts, because info on shows and release dates are ...just information which is 'honest'.
When we post our opinions on political topics (note: ATR is far more involved politically than in the 90ties) , then they are one thing only: our opinions...and these are 'honest' because there is nothing to lie about.

"They have remix contests now"

Yes, we did a remix contest. Why? Because many of the fans asked for it. And the result was great (and a lot of fun as well) - just because you didn't win it (saw your entry but it didn't win. sorry dude - improve) doesn't make it evil. In fact we are thinking of putting stems online of the 90ties albums, so everyone can remix the songs they like. We love and embrace remix culture because we come from it.

"ATR tracks in Play Station commercials"

There is only one track in a Sony advert and that is "Black Flags". Why? Find out here:
(the $ were donated to the Anonymous legal fund that defends Anonymous hackers in the Sony case.)
It was even shown in America on tv - how did you miss it? Watch Max Keiser Report here:

"ATR jewelry"

This was a collaboration with underground artist and designer AMELIA ARSENIC - google her - this is all handmade and very cool stuff. Don't buy it if you don't like it. Some bands get merch done in Chinese factories , cheap and mass production, we chose to work with other artists on smaller quantity items. We prefer our approach.


Nic Endo worked with (again independent company) Illamasqua on this project. This actually had nothing to do with ATR. But of course as Nic Endo is a long time member, it is mentioned in this context. Illamasqua is to the make up industry what DHR was to music industry. Research it, understand it, then judge. Also get your facts right. There was never a contest. People were able to win free stuff on their website. Everybody is doing that these days. Why not?

and now to the main reason why I want to reply to your racist post:

"now ATR has yet ANOTHER black guy? Carl (the legend! R.I.P.), then CX Kidtronic, and now...some other one. Alec you're such a fucking liar when you say it's not just to fill that slot of "the black guy in ATR"."

This is a personal attack on Carl Crack, CX KidtroniK and Rowdy Superstar. These are all very different rappers. They sound different, were born on different continents even, have a very different story to tell and add their own part to ATR. Use - you will find that I worked with many rappers, most of them happen to be 'black'. El-P isn't black though...all members of The Arsonists were on 60 Second Wipeout. Anti-Pop Consortium's MC Beans is black also... I actually don't care about the color of someone's skin. I am sure if you would look for guitarists who play Britpop you might find 90% white guys. It is racist to NOT see the individual (especially when they are THAT different in style. I think Carl Crack, CX Kidtronik and Rowdy Superstar couldn't be more different from each other).

Hope this helps.

This album was always available in full CD quality for free download on our soundcloud.

If you want to know what ATR sounds like live , check out last live recording in Tokyo November 2011

New album is in the making right now.

Alec Empire



June 8, 2011
another correction...

you wrote:

Temporary and compensatory live members until 2000:
Nic Endo - main vocals

Please note that it doesn't make sense to put it this way. If one counted the amount of shows that Nic Endo sang, one would realize that she had done more shows than Hanin Elias. It is probably best, if you leave this one off to avoid even more confusion.

If you want to be accurate, then you could completely leave this section off, because the other artists who came on board did actually often add creative work (writing lyrics, adding sounds etc.).

If you have questions, you know where to ask ;)
Hope this helps



June 8, 2011
hey guys, if you want to mention the non artist names of each ATR member, you should do it for everyone, not just Alec Empire.
if you do, please use the correct names. (Alexander Wilke-Steinhof)





November 23, 2006
edited over 9 years ago
About banned CDs:
The Future Of War is banned because they wrote the name of the song P.R.E.S.S. with a double Sig Rune (like the german nazi organisation SS did) in the booklet. Even that this is an antifascist song, the use of symbols of forbidden organisations is strictly forbidden.
Another Cd that is critical in my eyes is 1995. On the CD is a five edged star with a Kalashnikov in it as symbol. This looks very close the symbol of the forbidden left wing terrorist organisation "Rote Arme Fraktion". I realy wonder why nobody has complained yet about this to the goverment or the BPJM.

Appart from this I think they where unique, controversal and radical as only early Industrial bands like Throbbing Gristle, S.P.K., Monte Cazzaza or NON have been. I hope this band will be resurected one day.


April 16, 2005
edited over 11 years ago
What did you say? ATARI TEENAGE RIOT!!!
:) Probably the best Digital Hardcore act ever... mixing styles like Hardcore-Gabber, Noise, Trash Metal and Breakbeat, they became the largest symbol for revotionary style Digital Hardcore... and even Alec Empire alone does not overhelm their name. Carl Crack died, and seems the band has died too... I still have hope they ressurect, but that does not seem likely...
The music? Loud, very agrresive, dark, revolutionary... altough some of the lyrics have bad english and some apparent contraditions, the message is there... and despite all, one must seen the courage how this 4 shout out their ideials... electronic music made not only for experts or classy pseudo intelectuals, but for pure action. Yet, in albuns like future of war and Live at Brixton academy (pure noisecore/noise), one must clearly see some good skills in music making (always with that lo-fi tone) and of course... the innovation that marked this band. If you don't know them... well, grab Future of War.. it was banned in Germany (yes, like in censorship ban!) for it's political message (anarchy of course), but better than that, for me, it's one of their best albuns, and a mark in the Digital Hardcore/Gabber scene. Hardcore to the bone, but very very good...
For those more into abstract stuff, Live at Brixton Academy is a must... embrace noise... :)

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