The Drones (2)


Australian group since 1997 originally from Perth, based in Melbourne.

Current members (2016)
Gareth Liddiard — lead vocals, guitar (1997-2016), keyboards (2015-2016)
Fiona Kitschin — bass guitar, vocals (2002-2016)
Christian Strybosch — drums (2000-2004, 2014-2016)
Dan Luscombe — lead guitar, vocals (2007-2016), keyboards (2015-2016)
Steve Hesketh — keyboards, piano (2013-2016)

Former members
Rui Pereira — bass guitar (1997-2000), lead guitar (2000-2007)
James McCann — lead guitar (1997-2000)
Warren Hall — drums (1997-2000)
Mike Noga — drums, vocals, harmonica, percussion (2004-2014) (died August 27, 2020)
Brendon Humphries — bass guitar (2000-2002)

Citing; Van Morrison or Dylan or Suicide or Bad Brains or Nina Simone or Black Flag or the Scientists or Ornette Coleman or Thelonius Monk or (Australian) X or Townes Van Zandt or John Lee Hooker or Karen Dalton or Neil Young or Bela Bartok or Mingus or Al Green or as influences.

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Members:Brendon Humphries, Christian Strybosch, Dan Luscombe, Fiona Kitschin, Gareth Liddiard, James McCann, Mike Noga, Rui Pereira, Steve Hesketh, Warren Hall
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