D.C. Berry

D.C. Berry

Real Name:
Desmond C Berry Sr.
Desmond C Berry (born 02/11/1973) was a young rapper raised in Philadelphia that met Nitro Deluxe through a mutual acquaintance at Nation Records who was helping Desmond work on a demo tape. At the time, Berry was 14 years old. Desmond soon moved to Joliet, IL but would visit the Nation Records on his summers visits to Philadelphia keeping in touch with his musical associates there. While in the midwest Desmond was introduced to house music and became inspired by the hip house movement lead by the artists of DJ International Records and would write song lyrics, then mail them back to NItro Deluxe in Philadelphia. Hypno House, Berry’s only published work was originally written and recorded in Berry’s living room to the music of Break 4 Love by Raze and sent to Nitro Deluxe as a demo. The song made it’s way to Cutting Records where a collaborative team of talented people produced the song. Nitro notified Berry at the end of his junior year in high school that the song had been recorded by Nitro Deluxe with the vocals performed by a New York rapper. Not long after graduating high school, Berry joined the military.

Today Berry works in financial services for a fortune 500 company, is married with children, and happily helping his two young sons with their musical interests. Their current projects can be heard at the link below.

D.C. Berry Discography

Writing & Arrangement

Nitro Deluxe Featuring Silk (2) Nitro Deluxe Featuring Silk (2) - Hypno House (Single) Cutting Records US 1990 Sell This Version