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Hawkwind Paul-Londen

September 2, 2021
A few isolated tracks excepted ,Hawkwind's (Brock) post 90s releases are mediocre at best .
The Hawkwind logo is just a name for Brock solo releases . "Hawkwind" being a powerful brand name ofcourse , can't blame he uses it to exhaustion. But in the meantime he pisses on its legacy ,just like the Strolling Bones do .
Not to forget the later album cover 'art' , which seems to be cobbled together on Dave's own PC in a few spare moments . Often about those bug eyed aliens . Countless punters lap it up though. 🖕👽
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Hawkwind Monahad

September 13, 2022
I don't normally contribute more than once to any thread since objectivity tends to be increasingly tainted by barbed comment. However, this is an interesting thread. The submission which cites certain LPs of merit is curious as it only serves to reinforce the original view that Hawkwind's best work is pre-1990 (and since then treading water). My nature is to be loyal and I have been a fervent supporter from say, 1977 to 2010 (Blood Of The Earth). Hawkwind as festival favourites. I was very excited when watching my heroes headline Glastonbury 1981 edition. As I type I am listening to Vol 6 in the Weird Tapes series (1970 -73). None of the LPs cited in the thread of 29.06.22 as examples of recent highlights date from this century. Indeed, Quark and Levitation go back to their first decade. For me, Sonic Attack was the first sign of waning creativity. I remember wondering at the time, Why? remodel the title track to a version when the definitive was still pretty fresh on Space Ritual. The most recent named Electric Tepee dates back to 1992 which is 30 years ago! Now imagine if in 1972, when the music bug was really starting to bite me, I tried to make a case for Glenn Miller being very relevant and contemporary in the sounds of the day because of "(I've got a gal in) Kalamazoo" from 1942 was a decent ditty. I think I would have been laughed at by my prog-loving classmates. But I do get it. In the internet world we now occupy the passage of time is no longer such an influential factor since everything that has ever been recorded is available here and now. I also get that Hawkwind is more than its recorded legacy beloved by festival goers as a kind of multi media experience. However, since we are on Discogs where much discussion is centred on matrix run out grooves and successful or otherwise mastering accomplishments, I am focusing on the recorded legacy. In fairness to Hawkwind there is not one artist of classic rock vintage who has maintained a consistent form on a creative level defying dips and ups and downs. Not one. Possibly, Hawkwind's consistency is better than most. Take the biggest legacy artist of all time. The self-styled greatest rock and roll band in the world, the rolling stones. Most critics attribute this mantle to a certain golden period 1968 to 1972 embracing 5 albums (counting Ya Yas). How many decent songs on 1967's Satanic Majesties? Not more than two I count. Or take Neil Young. Probably universally revered as a legend. Now Mr Young, though incurring the ire of Lynyrd Skynyrd, probably has a more consistent track record than the Rolling Stones but when he made some duds ( and everyone should be applauded for experimentation and doing the unexpected), boy did he excel. What was 1986' Landing On Water about? Perhaps only Neil Young knows? Perhaps a self-contrived suicide mission to vent at his record label? How could you even award it one star? Enough good stuff has followed to bury that aberration. I'm aware also that by popular consent Hawkwind is regarded as having achieved something of a late renaissance both live and on record. For me personally I feel weary from too much recycling and prefer to get my fix of trancy-orientated rock vibe from the more earthy sounding progenitors of the so-called desert blues sound such as Tamikrest, Tinariwen and Imarhan.

Hawkwind ghostgate2001

July 12, 2022
That's just, like, your opinion, man :) So here's mine: The Machine Stops (2016) was their best album for nearly 20 years, and the one after that (Into The Woods) was pretty darn good, too. In all honesty, I haven't cared for much of their other 21st Century offerings but those two albums took me by surprise, demonstrating that there was life in the old dog yet.

Hawkwind crunkyteen

June 29, 2022
You guys are funny. Nobody gives a shit about 'muh Hawkwind brand'...they are a freak-show festival favorite and they've been putting out excellent lps with or without Lemmy or Nik Turner. Sorry if you don't like them but Quark, Levitation, Sonic Attack, Church of, Choose Your Masques, Xenon Codex, Space Bandits, and Electric Teepee have just as many highpoint as the first few lps.

Hawkwind Monahad

December 12, 2021
Every word is the truth. Not a single dud in the 70s until the patchy PXR5. Every other album of that decade absolute class. Most recent album I have purchased is Blood Of The Earth which is "all right" but not able to recall an individual track. The honourable thing to have done would have been to rebrand as the "Dave Brock Band" but like Paul-Londen says, "a powerful brand name".


Hawkwind sapy

February 9, 2019
I bought their 1st album after hearing it in HMV in Oxford Street when it was released. Saw them soon after at the Red Lion in Barnet with David Bowie backing them, never been able to prove it though.
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Hawkwind Groundhog-1

July 14, 2019

I've just noticed that Hawkwind again played the Red Lion on 08.08.71. This was a few weeks after Bowie and Hawkwind had appeared on the same bill at Glastonbury. This date could be favourite for their paths to cross again.

Hawkwind Groundhog-1

July 14, 2019
According to the Hawkwind gig and line up page Hawkwind played London Red Lion 26/2/71. It doesn't list any support acts unfortunately.

Bowie had toured America during the first half of February '71 but I'm pretty sure he was back in the UK by 26.2.71. This does sound favourite for the Bowie supporting slot.
Bolan had Hawkwind on his Marc TV show in 1977 as they were mates of his from back in the festival days. Bowie supported Bolan a few time back then and was also a regular at the festivals. All 3 had connections through John Peel so it doen't take a massive stretch of the imagintion to suppose that Bowie did indeed support Hawkwind at The Red Lion.

Of the known Bowie concerts of the time that date is free so I think it should be pencilled in for further investigation.



Hawkwind hawklord-666

July 13, 2019
According to the Hawkwind gig and line up page Hawkwind played London Red Lion 26/2/71. It doesn't list any support acts unfortunately.

Hawkwind Groundhog-1

April 25, 2019
I can't help you prove David Bowie supported Hawkwind at The Red Lion but he did support The Groundhogs at The Big Apple Brighton on 31.12.70 so it might have been around that time.



Hawkwind Vorrn

September 21, 2017
Bought the first LP as soon as it came out, and have basically bought everything else, and most 'Friends and Relations', since. My favourite band of all time (just trumping Tangerine Dream and Van Der Graaf Generator, my other favs and must haves), long may they reign, and in what ever form. xxxX Vorrn

Hawkwind setichas

January 1, 2017
One of the great underground bands made good, saw them at imperial college Gower street 1970 I think, then lots of times after, with the lovely buxomed Stacey dancing away great times, and fantastic light show, once seen never forgotten.
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Hawkwind ace2prime

August 30, 2020
I envy you so much. I was barely alive at the time you first saw them. The closest I got to see the band was when the Nik Turner Space Ritual tour, which also featured Del Dettmar, came to Tucson, Arizona in 1994. It was a great show, but Stacia was not there, sadly ;-)

Hawkwind SheppyX1

March 25, 2016
edited over 7 years ago
Hawkwind are a legendary band and I love their sound/visuals/lyrics and what they represent. Whether the latest band tickle your fancy, it is all personal choice. I have made a lot of good friends at their shows over the last 4 decades, some still intact, some gone and some mad...... and long may the band in any form and us all continue to do what WE want to do.......
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Hawkwind hawklord-666

May 3, 2016
Is that Dave Shepperd by any chance ? ? ?

Hawkwind atomwolf

November 21, 2015
My favourite band, thanks to my dad for showing me them!

Hawkwind sam.kirwan

May 6, 2015
Onward they fly, always Hawkwind xx
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Hawkwind ChrisPAmbulance

January 30, 2016
They just can't keep us apart can they - guess who?

Hawkwind arcs1971

July 30, 2015
That's right.