John Wood

Real Name:John C. Wood

British producer and recording and mastering engineer.
For the US engineer/producer at Bird Dog Studios) please use John Wood (2).
For the trumpeter with The Sydney Symphony Orchestra, please use John Wood (6).

Wood started his career at Decca Studios, which he left to set up Levy's Sound Studios' custom stereo mastering facility. In 1965 he founded Sound Techniques, London together with Geoff Frost. In 1966 he met producer Joe Boyd with whom he would work closely. In the following years Wood managed the studio operations, worked on product design and manufacture (which Sound Techniques also did), recorded regularly with Boyd in the United States and became more involved with production. Sound Techniques was taken over by Olympic Studios in 1976 after which Wood started working freelance. However by 1984 he was becoming frustrated by the changes in the industry and the ever increasing time spent on album projects; he and his partner moved to Scotland and for the next 12 years had little to do with the recording industry. , Wikipedia
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