Real Name:
Richard Blohm
Richard Blohm also worked under the alias F451 during 1983-1990's.
In 1984 after opening AIRTIGHT recording studio, the first artists he produced, engineered, co-wrote and performed on record was Psyche's first vinyl release- Insomnia Theater LP Psyche (2) - Insomnia Theatre

This recording was done very quickly for approx. $250 during AIRTIGHT recording studio's opening sale special.
The Insomnia Theater LP was cut at Toronto's "Lacquer Channel" and released on 12" independently on Psyche's own Malignant Productions and subsequently signed and released by New Rose Records of France Psyche (2) - Insomnia Theatre

Richard Blohm went on to produce, engineer, perform, co-write music/lyrics, (and even sing in the style of Evan Panic) on various Psyche LPs and EPs up to the SPV record release of Psyche's LP Day Dream Avenue Psyche (2) - Daydream Avenue

In 1993 Richard and Psyche's lead singer Darrin Huss aka Brood, recorded a one off CD project titled "The Itch " under the artist name "Vanishing Heat" ‎– released by T.E.Q. Music? on.
The opening track- Dead Agent (attributed to Brood) was a solo recording by Richard using a TASCAM cassette format 4 track recorder, a radio shack microphone, a Casio SK1 sampler, and a Ibanez tube screamer distortion pedal. ** As often happened credits for who did what were not always accurate.

Richard went on to release solo projects under the artist/band name F451, and Morphsys, as well as a XMACHINE with collaboration and vocals by Natalie Blohm aka Ntasha

Richard owned and operated recoilprodukt recordings (studio and label) until roughly 1991 when royalties had virtually dried up due to the rise of MP3 format and pirating. He moved on to form a visual FX company - softdistortion.com in 2001 and continues to run this boutique VFX shop on into current year 2017 @ www.softdistortion.com

In 2017 Richard relaunched his label recoilprodukt in Berlin Germany, and has been remastering and uploading all old recording to soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/recoil-produkt

Select, VERY limited edition vinyl will be offered over time along with discrete remixable elements @ www.recoilprodukt.com

New tracks will be added over 2018 - continuing in the scifi electronica genre Richard coined in late the 1980's and adding some techno industrial textures as well.

F451 Discography Tracks


CRE-25, NTD 90425-24 Various Befreit Various - Wellenreiter In Schwarz Vol. 4(2xCD, Comp) Credo, Credo CRE-25, NTD 90425-24 Germany 1999 Sell This Version