Géo Koger

Real Name:
Georges Konyn
French lyricist born 31th July 1894 in Paris (75010), died in Cannes 12th February 1975.
Father of Vline Buggy (aka Lilianne "Vline" Koger) and Evelyne "Buggy" Koger, he wrote the lyrics for Josephine Baker's "J'ai deux amours" (with Henri Varna on a music composed by Vincent Scotto in 1931), Gaston Ouvrard's "Je n’suis pas bien portant" (composed by Vincent Scotto, 1932), Fréhel's "La Java Bleue" (with Noël Renard on a music by Vincent Scotto in 1938), "Pigalle" (with Georges Ulmer, music by Georges Ulmer and Guy Luypaerts, 1946) and many Line Renaud's songs composed by Louis Gasté.