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Originally, an American Sludge/Doom Metal band out of Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1994. The band later relocated to Tampa, Florida.

Now an experimental harsh noise project.

Current line-up:
Dom Kaveliski (aka Medium D, Ubersloth, etc.) - All Instruments, Vocals
Denise Kaveliski The Link (5) (aka Uberneecie) - Vocals, Artwork

Former/past member(s):
Jeff Shirilla aka Juice (Abdullah, Breaker, The Rats Are Coming- The Werewolves Are Here, etc.)
Denise Kavaleski
Chris Smith aka Hawthorne (4) (False Hope, Keelhaul, Terminal Lovers, etc.)
Derek Erdman (Cruel Moon, Beauty Pageant)
Mr. Bearbomb aka Thuggy aka Salzer (Gag Reflex, Hangnail, The Crunky Kids, The Space Dokkers, etc.)

Gino Lambert aka Black Priest (Decrepit, Funeral Pyre, etc.)
Derek Erdman (Cruel Moon, Beauty Pageant)
Steve aka Mongrel (10) (Eternal Octagon, etc.)
Mr. Bearbomb

Nordic Dave McDoogle (also in pre-Sloth project Exploder)
Asmodeus (Midnight, Boulder)
Jim Karpinski aka Krash Helmut

Craig Rowe (Hemdale, also in pre-Sloth project Exploder)
Alessandro (Out With A Bang!)
Wedge (Nine Shocks Terror, Gag Reflex, H-100's, etc.)
Konya (Nunslaughter, Spawn Of Satan, Apartment 213, Hangnail, etc.)
Pat Munn (Boulder, Synastryche, Doktor Bitch)
Justin aka Dread (20), Triangulum (2) (Eternal Octagon)

Sites:Facebook , Soundcloud
Aliases:Exploder (3), Pandemonium Diabolico, Saints Of Pain, Shovel (9), SixSixSix
Members:Alessandro (12), Chris Smith (12), Craig Rowe, Dave McDoogle, Denise Kaveliski, Derek Erdman, Dom Kaveliski, Eddie Ortiz, Gino Lambert, Jamie Walters (2), Jeff Shirilla, Jim Karpinski, Jim Konya, Justin (23), Mitch Dyer, Pat Munn, Steve (7)
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