Algae Afterbirth

From the ashes of Pawtucket, RI band Can Of Worms, vocalist Algae "Baby Elvis" and guitarist Drool Flemming recruited drummer Moe Cheese and bassist The Phanthom to form Afterbirth.

The band played numerous local gigs until its dissolution after the infamous gig captured on GG Allin's Insult & Injury Volume 4 (Live At The Rocket 2-15-87 Providence, RI).

The intention was for Afterbirth to be both the show opener and act as Allin's backup band. Moe Cheese refused to play with Allin, leaving a seat open for replacement drummer Wipo. Following the gig, Algae abruptly disbanded the group to begin a solo career.

After a few releases, Algae placed his solo career on hiatus, reforming his old band under the guiding hand of producer Larry Evilelf. The band had a new moniker, Playpen (2).

Members included Tom The Wizard (guitar, keyboards, mandolin, devices, vocals and magic), WYPO (a.k.a. Wipo) (drums) and former Afterbirth bassist Babe Phantom. The Wizard and Babe Phantom eventually left to form Blackbird 13, effectively forcing Algae back into a solo career.