Andreas Tomalla

Real Name:Andreas Tomalla

Andreas Tomalla aka Talla 2XLC is a professional DJ and electronic musician based in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the mid-1980s, while working in a record shop, he advocated using the word "Techno" in reference to a broad range of electronic dance music. He co-founded the popular Technoclub event at the Dorian Gray discothèque in 1984, and he was associated with the fledgling ZYX imprint Techno Drome International starting in 1987. This relationship with the word "Techno" is sometimes interpreted as evidence of Talla 2XLC's role in the early development of the techno genre, even though his own productions, at the time, had an EBM/industrial-dance focus, with house, synth-pop, and New Beat influences.

In the mid-1990s, Talla 2XLC devoted himself full-time to the Music Research family of labels he had co-founded in 1989. He returned to DJing in 1995, and by the late '90s, he had become a reputable remixer, musician, and trance DJ.

His music production partners include Vernon B. (until 2000), J.D. Wood & DJ Frost (2000-2003), Woody van Eyden & Alex M.O.R.P.H. (2004-2005), and Andreas Schmidt (2006-2010). For group memberships, see Andreas Tomalla. , MySpace , Facebook , Facebook , X , , YouTube
Aliases:Andrei Vasile, Kato (36), Ramona Ader, Rraw!, T2, Talla 2XLC, Technoclub Inc., Two Of China, Zyrus 7
In Groups:20, Aegan, AKATO, Axodry, Bigod 20, Digital Ghosts, Digital Tension, Diskomo, Equinox (4), Exchange, F.D.A., J.D.T., Jalla CX.L2, MCL (Micro Chip League), Moskwa TV, Pluuto, Project One (6), Richard Cube, Robotiko Rejekto, T2F (2)
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