Real Name:Peter Slaghuis

Dutch house producer. Founder of the Hithouse Records label.

The name Hithouse is the literal translation of Peter's last name in English. Slag means Hit, Huis means House.

Slaghuis was born in Rijswijk, Netherlands. He was a figure in the European dance music scene in the 1980s, producing popular remixes of various hits (most notably the "Long Vocal Dutch Mix" of "I Can't Wait" by Nu Shooz). Slaghuis stated "I hated that song so much... I just has to put a hook over it." With the arrival of house music in Europe, Slaghuis took up the pseudonym Hithouse and began using his sampling techniques in this field. His best known work, "Jack to the Sound of the Underground", reached #14 on the UK Singles Chart in 1988. His next few works did not attain the same level of success, though "Jack to the Sound of the Underground" remained in public consciousness in the UK when used as the theme for both the radio and television versions of the BBC comedy show The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

He was part of the VideoKids group, which released the song "Woodpeckers from Space" in 1985, featuring Slaghuis in the video.

Slaghuis also delivered remixes to the Disco Mix Club which published them on their monthly and compilation CDs. One of his most famous mixes was Madonna's "La Isla Bonita".

Slaghuis' career was cut short by his death, at the age of 30, in a car accident in 1991, when his car at speed of 220 km/h crashed into an oncoming truck.

Aliases:Blue Eyed DJ, Bobby Ross (6), Duo Confiture, Epilepsia, Frankie Thomas, Funk Hawks, Mr. Donald (2), Peter Slaghuis, Roundabout, Wise Guys (5)
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