New Philharmonia Orchestra


British philharmonic orchestra based in London, originally founded by Walter Legge as Philharmonia Orchestra in 1945.
The New Philharmonia Orchestra came into being in March 1964, when Walter Legge decided that the Philharmonia Orchestra was to be disbanded. The musicians decided that they would not be disbanded, took matters into their own hands, elected a governing body, added 'New' to the title and carried on, first up with Otto Klemperer conducting Ludwig van Beethoven's "Choral Symphony". They regained the Philharmonia name in 1977.
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For recordings before 1964 and/or after 1977, please use Philharmonia Orchestra.
When used fictitiously (conducted by Alfred Scholz or one of his aliases), please use: New Philharmonia Orchestra (2). , YouTube , Soundcloud , Wikipedia ,
Aliases:Philharmonia Orchestra, Philharmonia Promenade Orchestra, The Festival Orchestra
Members:Alan Civil, Andrew Wickens (2), Arthur Davison, Arthur Wilson (3), Bernard Partridge, Bernard Walton (2), Clive Gillinson, Csaba Erdélyi, David Cripps, Denis Blyth, Desmond Bradley, Edward Walker, Emanuel Hurwitz, Gareth Morris (2), George Crozier, George Robertson, Gerald Brinnen, Gerald Drucker, Gordon Hunt, Graham Warren


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