Bob Humid

Real Name:Robert Edwin Feuchtl Mato

Bob Humid aka Robert Feuchtl is a long standing protagonist of Cologne's electronic music scene. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, but grew up in Germany for most of the time. He was one third of the EBM / Synthpop-Formation "Der Liederkranz" in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After being infected with Rave Culture he organised & co-organised countless activities in Cologne's electronic music underground and ran the two record labels Bored Beyond Belief (1995 - along with Wolfgang Schreck of Big Noise fame) and Serve & Destroy Recordings.
Bob Humid also was the technical editor for the German 'GROOVE Magazine' for almost seven years as a successor of Christian Rindermann (aka C-Rock) and he gained reputation in the German KEYBOARDS / Sound & Recording Magazines where he worked as a technological author. Today he is Resident-DJ at EHRENFELD CALLING and part of the BASScadets-collective dedicated to UK Bass & electronic breakbeats. He also runs a studio fascility called FAT OF EXCELLENCE in the centre of Cologne which owns a reputation for dedicated Mastering. , Bandcamp ,
Aliases:Dr. Baird, Fat Of Excellence, Mrs. Hooper, Robert E. Feuchtl, Robert Edwin
In Groups:Featherweight, Waving Not Drowning (2)
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