Real Name:Valeniza Zagni da Silva

Tuca, born Valeniza Zagni da Silva (17 October 1944, São Paulo, Brazil - 8 May 1978, São Paulo, Brazil) was a Brazilian singer, guitarist and songwriter.

In 1957, Valeniza Zagni da Silva began to compose while studying classical music at the Conservatory of São Paulo. During the mid-sixties, she participated in several TV talent-shows while being part of the Group of Popular Music at the University of Architecture and Urbanization of São Paulo. She made her first steps as a professional, writing the music for "Homem de verdade", penned by Consuelo de Castro. The song was recorded by singer Ana Lúcia in 1962.
Valeniza made ​​her singing debut in the television show "Primeira Audição", produced by João Leão and Horácio Berlinck.
Aliases:Zagni Da Silva Valenisa


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