Robert Beavers

Real Name:
Robert L. Beavers
US soul singer, producer, and songwriter who has many releases under the alias Jackey Beavers.

Note: please use this PAN for any roles credited to Robert L. Beavers or R. Beavers. For roles credited to Jackey Beavers or J. Beavers, please use Jackey Beavers.

Born and raised in Cartersville, Georgia. Co-wrote the song "Someday We'll Be Together" (with Johnny Bristol and Harvey Fuqua), which when recorded by Diana Ross and The Supremes reached #1 on the Billboard pop charts in 1969. He recorded for many Detroit and Chicago labels before returning to Cartersville. He then recorded several Gospel albums for the Glory label in the 1980s. Robert L. "Jackey" Beavers passed away in October, 1988.
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