Chris Nexus 6

Real Name:
Chris Nexus 6
Electro DJ, Reviewer and Graphic Artist.
Chris Nexus 6 is the electro moniker of a French activist involved into the electronic scene for over a decade now.
Over the last few years, Chris has managed to developp a solid network of artists and label owners worldwide. His regular efforts as a writer to introduce electro to the mass have leaded him recently to be part of the mighty New Flesh Records along with infamous Umwelt where he currently runs the graphic side of the French imprint.



AR02 Chris Nexus 6 - Rogue Resistance album art Various Various - Rogue Resistance(12", Comp, Lim) Ascendant Recordings AR02 US 2018 Sell This Version
NF23 Chris Nexus 6 - Frontline Fuel  album art Cosmic Force Cosmic Force - Frontline Fuel (12") New Flesh NF23 France 2019 Sell This Version
OUTLAW303-002D Chris Nexus 6 - Bloody Rocket Scientists EP album art Serge Geyzel And Errorbeauty Serge Geyzel And Errorbeauty - Bloody Rocket Scientists EP (EP) Outlaw 303 OUTLAW303-002D Netherlands 2019
OUTLAW303-001 Chris Nexus 6 - Wild Bastards EP album art MF Machinist MF Machinist - Wild Bastards EP (EP) Outlaw 303 OUTLAW303-001 Netherlands 2019 Sell This Version
ZC-ELEC001 Chris Nexus 6 - Escape From Andromeda album art Johnfaustus / Errorbeauty & Serge Geyzel Johnfaustus / Errorbeauty & Serge Geyzel - Escape From Andromeda(12", EP, Ltd, Red) Zodiak Commune ZC-ELEC001 Netherlands 2020 Sell This Version
ZC-303001 Chris Nexus 6 - 303 First Pattern album art Unknown Artist Unknown Artist - 303 First Pattern(12", EP, Tra) Zodiak Commune ZC-303001 Netherlands 2020 Sell This Version
NF24 Chris Nexus 6 - Escape The Future album art Umwelt Umwelt - Escape The Future(12", EP, Ltd, Num, Whi) New Flesh NF24 France 2020 Sell This Version
NF25 Chris Nexus 6 - Project Fear EP album art Final Dream Final Dream - Project Fear EP (EP) New Flesh NF25 France 2021 Sell This Version
ZC-ELEC002 Chris Nexus 6 - The Space Gate album art Johnfaustus Vs Serge Geyzel Johnfaustus Vs Serge Geyzel - The Space Gate (EP) Zodiak Commune ZC-ELEC002 Netherlands 2021 Sell This Version
ZC024 Chris Nexus 6 - Umbra EP album art *SOUR* *SOUR* - Umbra EP(12", EP, Ltd, Gre) Zodiak Commune ZC024 Netherlands 2021 Sell This Version
ZC-303002 Chris Nexus 6 - 303 Second Pattern album art Unknown Artist Unknown Artist - 303 Second Pattern(12", EP, Cle) Zodiak Commune ZC-303002 Netherlands 2021 Sell This Version
ZC-ELEC003 Chris Nexus 6 - Return Of The Space Gate album art Serge Geyzel VS Johnfaustus Serge Geyzel VS Johnfaustus - Return Of The Space Gate(12", EP, Ltd) Zodiak Commune ZC-ELEC003 Netherlands 2021 Sell This Version
ZC-KORE004 Chris Nexus 6 - First Sign EP album art Procell (2), Jaquarius (2) Procell (2), Jaquarius (2) - First Sign EP(12", EP, Tra) Zodiak Commune ZC-KORE004 Netherlands 2021 Sell This Version