The Beach Boys jfredder

December 14, 2015
The Beach Boy's album "LA (light album)", Caribou Records, JZ35752 has a label date of 1976, instead of Discogs description 1979. I checked this with excellent light and magnifying glass.

The Beach Boys djksette2

April 9, 2017
That's the date the label itself was started. On the labels used from 1980 on,the 1976 was marked out.

The Beach Boys djksette2

November 20, 2016
No,he's correct. The rim of the label has a date of 1976,the year Caribou Records label came into official existence. The correct date will be on either the left or right hand side, under the catalog number.

The Beach Boys startomdk

February 6, 2016
Hi! It was, nevertheless, recorded and released in 1979. If you've found a copy that says otherwise, it's a typo. The band released the "15 Big Ones" album in 1976.