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English indie rock band, officially formed in Nottingham in 1996 after having played initially under the name "Friends Of..." since their first gig at the Old Angel in Nottingham in late 1992.
In 1997 the band released their first 12" single 'European Me' to critical acclaim. Their first album, The Things We Make was released the following year.
The band imploded after Chris Olley left in November 2008.
All releases since 2008 have been via Chris Olley (utilising the Six. By Seven site). None are sanctioned by the other band members and are classed as bootlegs by Chris.
In 2011 Chris Olley he began recording with a band again and the project was named (The Death Of) Six. By Seven who played just two gigs as a semi-unplugged band (no drummer) and released one album. In 2013 Six By Seven officially reformed with a new line-up and new album.

Members :
Chris Olley (vocals, guitar: 1992-2008, 2013-), James Flower (keyboards, saxophone, Hammond organ: 1992-2008, 2013-), Chris Davis (drums: 1992-2005, 2007-2008), Paul Douglas (bass: 1996-2002), Martin Cooper (guitar: 1996-1998, 2013-), Sam Hempton (guitar: 1996-2000, 2007-2008), Tina Blower (bass & keyboards: 2002-2005), Pete Stevenson (bass: 2007-2008, 2013-), Tony Doggen Foster (guitar: 2006), Ady Fletcher (bass: 2006), Ian Bissett (drums: 2006), Steve Hewitt (drums: 2013-) , , Bandcamp , Wikipedia , Facebook
Aliases:(The Death Of) Six. By Seven
Members:Chris Davis (4), Chris Moore (4), Chris Olley, James Flower, Martin Cooper (6), Paul Douglas (5), Pete Stevenson, Sam Hempton, Steve Hewitt
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