Umek l555l

November 23, 2019
Umek is FINALLY arriving back to Techno with his new releases recently, for example Brethren, Eliminating The Need EP and so on! These are really the sounds that he is really well known of! After the terrible album "Rhythmia", it was about time when he realizes what is the sound that he achieved his majority of the fanbase!

Umek kartvela

April 14, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
Those are nothing compared to his early 2000s bombs sorry

Umek AfreeCat

January 1, 2019
It is quite difficult to understand how a music producer has been able to create an album like Neuro or those Zeta Retícula and on the other hand he has spent 15 years making music of tímbales and maracas and that is only heard for those who have David Guetta as musical reference.

Umek cpr242

July 20, 2018
Most of Umeks early Hard Techno wasn't very good. It wasn't until the mid 2000's that he started to release good material. It's funny to see these old school Techno heads crying about the change many artists made to the New Techno sound. I give Umek a lot of credit for getting better as a producer and not stagnating producing the same old stuff. I like Hard Techno, I just didn't like Umek very much, I prefer Deetron, Paco Osuna, Dave Clarke and the like.

Umek trippin__esse

March 3, 2017
Heartbreaking downfall of a childhood hero.
'Pigs get loaded' as Derrick May said.

Umek bishop_siege_alpha

April 15, 2016
Meet Uros Umek, the author of some hard techno bangers that used to go people berserk. And the biggest disappointment in techno world.

Umek brokenrobot

June 26, 2016
True, same goes for Marco Carola, these two raised hell back in the day.

Umek as reviewed by l555l

January 29, 2016
From one of the greatest techno legends he became just a cheesy tech house artist... Only his new Zeta Reticula EPs in 2015 deserves a single word.

Umek CHoCi

October 5, 2014
Imagine: Umek comes from the deepest Underground Techno, his early Music was (very) hard Techno Sound. In this Style he was one of the Quality marks in the past. Now 2014 Umek lurched since years into sometimes bad hands up progessive House/"Techno" (near EDM) Music. I would say, please seach a serious Job and leave us alone with that boring mainstream...

Umek ciernyd

May 10, 2014
it always amazes me how can a producer go from underground techno all the way to cheezy progressive tech-house... i know, money, fame... as long as he enjoys it, its all good, i guess..

Umek as reviewed by nonplusjungle

August 13, 2012
edited over 9 years ago
Used to release great hard, dark techno. Check out the releases on for example E-COM and Expire, both highly recommended labels for those who want the real deal.

Sadly he went the same way as many other producers of the "european 90's techno movement". I will not comment on his newer stuff since it doesn't interest me one bit, I'll leave that to someone else.